Work to Residence New Zealand Visa

work to residence visa new zealand

For those who do not want to apply for the Skilled Migrant Category or are not eligible, another pathway to apply for residency is to apply under one of the work to residence categories below:

1) Talent Visa (Accredited Employers);

2) Talent Visa (Arts, Sports and Culture); and,

3) Long Term Shortages List occupations Visa.

Unlike the Skilled Migrant Category, where you will be granted a resident visa once your resident visa is approved, you will need to work and live in New Zealand for two years until you are eligible for permanent residence. Amongst other criteria, applicants must show that they have met the conditions of their visa, will continue to work in New Zealand, and meet the English language, health and character requirements.

Your eligibility in most cases will depend on your skills set and whether or not your New Zealand employer is accredited.

Here's more information on the Work to Residence (Talent) visa.