New Zealand Parent Residency Visa

parent residency visa new zealand

This category enables parents to join their children in New Zealand and is open to parents of an adult child (i.e. child over the age of 17) who is a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident.

The Parent Category consists of two-tiers. In order to be eligible you must meet the requirements of one of the two tiers.

1) Tier one: You must have either

  • a guaranteed lifetime minimum income (e.g. pensions or superannuation payments); or,
  • bring at least NZ$ 500,000 of settlement funds to New Zealand; or,

Case Study: Read more about a couple who applied for residency under the parent visa:

  • a sponsoring adult child who has an annual income of at least NZ$ 65,000 by themselves or NZ$ 90,000 when combined with the partner’s income.

2) Tier two:

  • You must have a sponsoring adult child who meets the minimum income figure and, if you have any other children, they must all live lawfully and permanently outside your country of residence.

Applicants must also meet character and health requirements.