Who are Migration Associates?

Migration Assocates are New Zealand Licensed Immigration Advisors -NZAMI

Migration Associates is a specialist New Zealand visa consultancy with offices in United Kingdom and New Zealand. We are experts in New Zealand immigration and assist those wishing to work and live in New Zealand. 

Our team of Licensed Advisers possess over 10 years of combined industry experience in New Zealand and Australian immigration law and policy. The team have familiarity with both private and corporate New Zealand immigration sectors, and possess a thorough understanding of the complexities of New Zealand immigration law, policy and procedure and acknowledge the practical realities of the New Zealand emigration process.

If you engage in our services, you will be assigned a New Zealand Licensed Immigration Adviser, who is trained in New Zealand immigration law, New Zealand immigration policy, and immigration procedure and has experience in dealing with all types of New Zealand immigration visa applications.

Many of our referrals have come from happy clients who have successfully completed the immigration process and are now happily working and living in New Zealand. With a verifiable success rate of close to 100% approval, many applicants are now using the Migration Associates for ‘Successful New Zealand Immigration'.

We aim to help you to have a successful journey every step of the way. To do this we have forged strong strategic partnerships with many companies whose goals are the same as ours. We work with New Zealand Skills In Demand, who assist with New Zealand job placement, and with a number of trusted settlement services companies and international brands such as MoneyCorpPSS Removals and Transfur.



What do we do?

With the right New Zealand professional assistance, your goals can be achieved. We will provide you with support throughout the New Zealand visa process.

New Zealand, in common with other countries, has a strict and complicated immigration policy which is constantly changing to accommodate the government's politically inspired social and economic objectives. The policy and regulations are complicated and the onus is on all applicants to ensure that they meet all the requirements of the visa category they are applying under, therefore it is important to ensure that every aspect of the application is correctly presented, and no stone is left unturned.

This presents a problem for those that do not understand the New Zealand visa process and is made more difficult by the constant changes. If the application does not meet the specific immigration policy the application will fail, therefore it is only prudent to seek professional advice if you are not familiar with New Zealand immigration law, policy and procedure.

Collectively our team of New Zealand Licensed Immigration Advisers possess a thorough understanding of the complexities of New Zealand immigration law, policy and procedure and acknowledge the practical realities of the emigration process. We will provide you with personal assistance with all aspects of the visa process to ensure your application is lodged in a timely manner and processed by Immigration New Zealand as quickly as possible.

Save time and money, and more importantly maximise your opportunity for a successful outcome by utilising our services. You will have the peace of mind that you are applying for the right visa and that you have the best possible chance of achieving your goals of working and living in New Zealand.


Our services include:


Why use Migration Associates?

Migration Associates is a market leader in the provision of New Zealand immigration consultancy services in the United Kingdom and we have assisted many happy clients. We have a team of highly experienced New Zealand Licensed Advisers based in the United Kingdom, who can provide comprehensive and authoritative New Zealand immigration advice. Migration Associates solely specialises in providing New Zealand immigration consultancy services.

Below we list the reasons why you should use Migration Associates to assist you to achieve your dreams of working and living in New Zealand:

  • We take time to personally understand YOUR circumstances – this isn't a production line.
  • Our fees are designed to be transparent, realistic and based on success.
  • Our integrity and professional ethics is paramount and we will act in your best interests at all times.
  • We are a professional NZ visa consultancy that delivers specialised New Zealand immigration advice.
  • We will not act on your behalf unless we have evaluated that there is a likelihood of you obtaining a New Zealand visa.
  • We deliver a full New Zealand visa consultancy service which is highly personalised and tailored to the individual or family’s needs. We list below the benefits of our full visa consultancy service:
    • Eliminates expensive mistakes and unnecessary delay;
    • Saves you valuable time;
    • Simplifies the process;
    • Reduces stress;
    • Ensures accuracy and efficiency; and,
    • Ensures that a well prepared and well documented application is lodged.

Why should I use a Licensed Immigration Adviser?

A recent migrant satisfaction survey shows that four out of five migrants would recommend their Licensed Immigration Adviser to family and friends (Premium Research, 2013).

Migration Associates have just helped us achieve our dream! We are off to NZ! The application process has been quite long and in some cases quite challenging. We were guided every step of the way by the team. In the last stages Borey had to step in as it looked like the INZ were going to turn us down on a technical detail. If it was not for the knowledge and expertise that Borey had we were likely not going to succeed with our application. I am pleased to say we have just been granted a residence visa. We are just so thrilled and can now start planning our move. I would thoroughly recommend Migration Associates who definitely went the extra mile for us.
— Susie Norris

Results showed that 82% of migrants were very satisfied or satisfied with their Licensed Immigration Adviser. More than eight out of ten migrants agreed that as a result of using a Licensed Adviser:

  • They had a better chance of having a successful visa application (85%);
  • They felt their interests as a consumer were protected (86%); and
  • Their impression of New Zealand as a migration destination was positive (88%).

New Zealand Immigration law and Policy

NZ Immigration law and policy is complex and constantly changing and therefore it is prudent to obtain professional advice. Emigrating to New Zealand can be very stressful on any migrant and their family. New Zealand Licensed Advisers can help you take the stress out of your move by simplifying the visa application process, so you can concentrate and focus on the settlement aspect of your move to New Zealand – there is a lot to organise!

By engaging with a NZ Licensed Immigration Adviser you ensure that:

  • Your application has the best chance of success as your Licensed Immigration Adviser will liaise with your employer and Immigration New Zealand on your behalf;
  • You eliminate expensive mistakes that could result in application delay or failure – Immigration law and policy is complex; and,
  • You protect your rights as a consumer as all advisers are required by law to hold a license from the Immigration Advisers Authority (IAA) and are governed by a strict Code of Conduct.

Migration Associates Fees

Migration Associates' professional fees are transparent, realistic, and based on success. We will provide you a written quotation of our professional fees with your Comprehensive New Zealand Visa Evaluation, along with a quote of all other third party costs.

We pride ourselves on offering a premium visa service that is affordable.

Please note, we DO NOT:

  • Give quotes verbally. You will receive a written quotation before any work is carried out.

  • Charge the full amount up front – our fees are payable in instalments throughout the NZ visa approval process to allow you to budget for the costs involved and spread the costs.

  • Charge on a time billing system – We charge a fixed fee so you do not need to worry about the costs of any calls and the length of time you spend on calls made to us or calls we make to you.

  • Charge a visa approval fee – We will quote you a fixed fee for our assistance - there are no further charges if your NZ visa is approved.

  • Charge a job placement fee – we will not charge you a placement fee if our strategic partner, New Zealand Skills In Demand, obtains an offer of employment for you. New Zealand Skills In Demand will not charge a placement fee either. Its candidate matching service is a free service.

We are selective in only offering our service to people committed to living and working in New Zealand and whom we feel have a realistic chance of success. We will brief you to ensure that you understand the professional fees that are applicable to your application, along with quoting all Immigration New Zealand visa application fees, qualifications assessment fees, occupation registration fees and all other third party costs.

We deliver a premium, personal and professional New Zealand visa service for those wishing to have a new life in New Zealand. Our fees are in line with industry standards and are based on success.

We now take payment via Paypal, allowing you to pay in $NZD or $GBP.